I've been programming for 35 years with 20 of those years as a professional software architect and engineer building and shipping solutions for dozens of industries; from e-commerce, to manufacturing, HR, gaming, design/developer tools, CMS, medical, insurance, education, pro audio, web platform, and more.

I have been a consistent leader of multiple, highly successful open-source projects over an 18-year period. You may know of my work as the architect and technical advisor for Microsoft's FAST Web Components technology, used by almost 1,500 teams/products at Microsoft and shipped to over one billion customers. I am the original creator of Aurelia, Durandal, Caliburn.Micro, and Caliburn and also consulted with Google on Angular, AngularJS, and Angular Material. The earliest days of my open-source work were spent contributing to Castle Project and NHibernate.

I'm a huge advocate of Web Standards and Web Components with unique experience designing libraries and contributing directly to W3C, WHATWG, and TC39 work. I hope you'll join me in embracing the open web.

Currently I consult, teach, and mentor developers, mostly focused on Web Standards, Web Components, UI Architecture, and Engineering Culture. You can follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Medium. If you are interested in engaging on these topics, please reach out.

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W3C, WICG & TC39 contributor focused on Web Standards, UI Architecture & Engineering Culture. Former Technical Fellow, Principal Architect & VP-level tech lead.